Assessing Dogs as Chicago Condo Neighbors

In his Poem, Mending Fences, Robert Frost says. “Good fences make good neighbors”, but in Chicago condo buildings we need a more practical way for a landlord or management company to predict what kind of neighbor a prospective tenant will be, especially when that person has a dog or two in his family!

There are some buildings that have a no dogs policy and then there are other landlords and management companies have very strict building restrictions for dogs based on size or weight, but neither will tell you what you need to know about the person holding other end of Fido’s leash! More over if you restrict dog tenants, you are missing out on significant revenue and if you allow dogs, but try to assess the dog’s condo compatibility by his appearance, you could end up in costly legal battles trying to enforce fines and or evictions if a lot of complaints are directed at the tenant.

ChicagoDogPads has the perfect solution with their Condog (condo-dog) Compatibility test.

For a nominal fee, the prospective tenant, is given a 5 page questionnaire, is then interviewed and finally the K-9 kid is assessed by their team of AKC Good Citizen Evaluators. Dog trainer, Roger Lautt, CPDT-KA and founder of ChicagoDogPads, says, “Many people make assumptions and therefore restrictions about dogs based on his size, breed or reputation, however they overlook the dog’s guardian.” Roger goes on to say, “The Chicago Dog Pads’ Condog Compatibility test looks at the person to find out how responsible he is toward his dog. We find out, for example, how often the dog is left alone, whether or not the dog gets adequate exercise, whether the owner has taken the time to train his companion and other such pertinent information.” And with their team of expert, certified dog trainers, Chicago Dog Pads is available to resolve any behavioral issues that may crop up in the future!

Dog suitable for rental property

Most recently ChicagoDogPads were successful in selling a prominent building owner on the suitability of a tenant. Roger explains, “Our experts were able to assess the dog owner as a safe risk based on this dog’s past and the tenant’s plan for the dog which included regular visits to a Chicago dog park as well as regular walks and good dog management.  In short we passed this written assessment to the landlord and upon his review he accepted the tenant. In fact the landlord was so impressed with the tenant’s willingness to pay for the professional assessment that he decided not to even charge an extra security deposit!”

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