Pottawattomie Park

Address: This Dog Park is one of the best planned and thought out Dog Friendly Areas that the City of Chicago’s Park District has designed and helped the community create. It is nestled into the back corner of Pattawattomie Park and if you park in the small parking lot inside the park you will need […] Read more »

West Loop Dog Park (Bartelme, Mary Park)

Address: West Loop Dog Park is part of Mary Bartelme Park This Dog Park in one of Chicago’s newer Dog Friendly Areas, part of the Chicago Park District. Well designed in just .10 acre as a small part of the Park. It has ledges, steps, seating areas and artificial canine grass to provide for exercise […] Read more »

Sniffing For A New Home

The slogan on his ChicagoDogPads site reads, “Real Estate Is My Business; Dogs Are My Passion” so you would expect that, among all his other dog resources, people would be able to find homes that allow dogs.  But now Roger Lautt has taken his passion a step farther, and turned his latest endeavor, Chicago Dog […] Read more »

Chicago’s Newest Dog Park

A great group of people calling themselves the Logan Square Dog Park Committee has taken on the challenge of organizing and fund raising to complete the dream of our own Dog Park. Our Alderman Colon and the dog enthusiasts in the community appear willing and able to make this happen. Several fundraisers have already taken […] Read more »