Proving Your (Dog Tenant) Suitability For Chicago Condos

It’s just not fair! I’m sure you heard that from other dog owners or maybe you’ve said it yourself when you’ve been trying to find an apartment or condo that allows dogs. You know that your Fido is perfect, but how do you convince a prospective landlord or building management company that you and your […] Read more »

Assessing Dogs as Chicago Condo Neighbors

In his Poem, Mending Fences, Robert Frost says. “Good fences make good neighbors”, but in Chicago condo buildings we need a more practical way for a landlord or management company to predict what kind of neighbor a prospective tenant will be, especially when that person has a dog or two in his family! There are […] Read more »

Dog Friendly Real Estate In Chicago

They say that the best surprise is no surprise, and this is especially true when searching for a condo or apartment that allows pets. It can be frustrating to fall in love with the perfect building, only to learn that your ‘fur-kid’ is too tall or is above the weight restrictions. While Chicago is among […] Read more »