Proving Your (Dog Tenant) Suitability For Chicago Condos

It’s just not fair! I’m sure you heard that from other dog owners or maybe you’ve said it yourself when you’ve been trying to find an apartment or condo that allows dogs. You know that your Fido is perfect, but how do you convince a prospective landlord or building management company that you and your […] Read more »

Assessing Dogs as Chicago Condo Neighbors

In his Poem, Mending Fences, Robert Frost says. “Good fences make good neighbors”, but in Chicago condo buildings we need a more practical way for a landlord or management company to predict what kind of neighbor a prospective tenant will be, especially when that person has a dog or two in his family! There are […] Read more »

The Nose Knows – New Classes is offering this fun eight week 60 minute class for only $160. Visit for all the details   The Latest in Urban Dog Sports You will learn how your dog’s nose knows, scent discrimination, and advanced scent games. Nose games improve the dog-handler bond, and   is   great   sport   for   older   dogs,   very   young […] Read more »

Pet Problem Solvers On Call

Does your dog bark all day when you’re away, angering neighbors and bringing down the wrath of the condo board? The latest venture of dog trainer/behavior consultants Roger Lautt and Fran Berry, CPDT-KA has their on call Pet Problem Solvers business in great demand in many of Chicago’s pet friendly high-rises. Condo living is unique […] Read more »

Open Casting Call for Dog and Owner Teams

Looking to do something unique and special with your dog?  Look no further.  The Dog Saving Network, NFP is bringing back its’ stage production, Life’s Ruff, and is looking for cast members. The show is designed to be a fun and entertaining way to deliver some important messages such as the importance of positive reinforcement […] Read more »

Recipe for a Shelter-Dog

While hopefully no one would deliberately make one, shelter-dogs are  unfortunately, very easy to create. See attached article on creating a shelter dog: That adorable squishy puppy that you brought home can quickly grow into an awkward adolescent dog that if not trained properly, is likely to exhibit a lot of doggie behaviors which are […] Read more »

Want to Train Your Dog?

Time To Train The clock is ticking for your dog and every second that he is not getting trained moves him farther from any lasting emotional tie with you. And this could spell disaster for your pup that could end up being just another shelter-dog statistic after he is tossed away like yesterday’s garbage. The […] Read more »