Dog Friendly Cruise down the Chicago River and Around Lake Michigan

Chicago Harbor Lighthouse
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If you want to see some of Chicago’s great architecture and look at some of Chicago’s prime river front as well as lake front real estate, you might want to consider a cruise with your dog aboard the Mercury Canine Cruise. A lively commentary is provided to help you appreciate the various buildings and sights of our great city.

I took this tour with my Emma last week and met some people who take this cruise every summer and a few people who take the tour more than once a year. Tickets are $23 for each adult and $7 for each dog, a bargain compared to the parking prices in the area. This cruise sets sail about 10 am on Sundays and returns about 11:30 am. Cruises run from July through September and all dog-loving first mates with trained and well behaved, leashed dogs are welcome. I will be one of the people who will take this cruise more than once, already looking forward to next year. This is one of the very best and most enjoyable ways to enjoy and learn a bit about the real estate and architecture of Chicago. I was able to enjoy the sun, look at some of the most expensive and desirable real estate in Chicago all while spending some time with my dog. What a treat, for me as well as for Emma when the cruise staff came around with treats in hand.

Emma & Roger on the Canine Cruise

If you are a Chicago area resident or just visiting our wonderful city, I would encourage you to take this cruise and look at our real estate and our high rises from a different perspective and gain an appreciation for how this city grew into what it is today. Truly a enjoyable history lesson. Give this cruise as a gift to anyone with a well trained dog, I bet they will thank you. Can’ t wait to do it again. Canine Cruise Website

Only 3 weeks left, Sept. 5, Sept 12 or Sept 19, 2010 are the last 3 cruises of this year.

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