Pottawattomie Park

Pottawattomie Park

This Dog Park is one of the best planned and thought out Dog Friendly Areas that the City of Chicago’s Park District has designed and helped the community create. It is nestled into the back corner of Pattawattomie Park and if you park in the small parking lot inside the park you will need to walk through or around several ball parks as well as a soccer field in order to get into the dog park. The day I visited (5/5/2012) it was very clean and well maintained. It was a bit of a cloudy, cool, foggy and misty mid-day and only 1 dog and owner were using the facility. A nice combination of Asphalt, Pea gravel surface and a few built in seating areas that blend into the design and are functional without really being noticed as a benches. There is a gate that can be closed so smaller dogs can play in one area and larger dogs in another. There are two enhance and exit areas so the different parts of the dog park can be accessed separately. This friendly dog park has a feature most if not all park visitors appreciate, a human & canine water fountain. Pottawattomie Park appears to have been built with 3 or 4 mature trees in place and they do add to the ambiance as well as providing some shade for the dog park users.
7340 N. Rogers Ave. Chicago IL 60626
0.14 acre (6300 sq ft) – rough estimateNote: the north end of the park appears to be serving as a Small Dog Area (separated by a gate)
  • Fresh Water – Yes
  • Bag Dispenser – No
  • Small Dog Area – Yes
Asphalt, Pea gravel.

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