What Others Say…

What a pleasure to learn from Roger and Fran! Becoming involved with the Dog Saving Network group required my going into a 5-week clicker mechanics class. With 9 years of clicker training behind me, I wasn’t sure what to expect. It was great! Roger and Fran are fantastic instructors. They deliver clear messages and have great training skills.

They taught on points I’ve been practicing myself for many years, but they explained them in ways I hadn’t heard before so my understanding was deepened. They both gave excellent and concise feedback regarding our clicker exercises and dog handing/training skills.

It was beneficial having two instructors for one-on-one, personal and varied interactions. We did fun, creative activities. I truly enjoyed working and learning alongside them and look fwd to training with them in the future!

Amber Walker
Owner and Lead Dog Trainer, Animal Intuitions

Fran and Roger know how dogs think.  I took their training class and really benefited from the time they spent on several theories about how dogs process information and what “really” motivates them.

I’ve taken “Clicker” training before but never appreciated how it works so beautifully for dog training until I took class with Fran and Roger.

I appreciated their deconstruction of the physical and mental skills I needed to develop to implement a successful “clicker” training program with my dogs.

My dogs walk better on the leash, they behave better in our home and we are all getting along better than we ever have before thanks to Fran and Roger’s dog training techniques.

Karen Gerbig, Owner – Leader of the Pack Dog Walking & Pet Sitting Service
Leader of the Pack Website

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Before Arthur and I met Fran we had tried several other training facilities.  Although Arthur loves me very much, he doesn’t always love other people & dogs.  He would get very aggressive while out walking or when people came to my house.  The first classes I took him to didn’t give us enough 1 on 1 for his problems.  The second trainer used a pinch collar and physical corrections for when Arthur was bad.  At first it seemed to work but after awhile it didn’t have the same effect and actually made Arthur more aggressive.

Enter Fran.  With her positive reinforcement techniques and calm demeanor, Arthur instantly connected with her as did I.  Because it wasn’t just Arthur that Fran trained – I had to be retrained as well.  She made me feel more confident about how to handle certain situations and gave me a support system for when I had questions or concerns.  After a few 1 on 1 sessions Arthur was walking better (not pulling or barking at everything) and calmed down much faster when people came to the house.  We then joined one of the group classes taught by Fran and co-trainer, Roger Lautt, so Arthur could work on being around other dogs.  Having two trainers was a big benefit, as we got more 1 on 1 attention. By the end of the class Arthur was able to sit, stay and lay down around other dogs & people without becoming aggressive.  We work every day with Fran’s and Roger’s techniques and Arthur only gets better and better.

The difference in Arthur is noticeable – not just to me but also to my friends and family.  I’m looking to taking more classes with Fran and Roger; I know Arthur is too.
Jessica Trent – Arthur’s mom

I have a terrier, Henry, who I rescued when he was about a year old.  Not only did he come with the usual “terrier issues” but other issues that rescued dogs often have.  We started our training with individual sessions with Fran and are now in our 3rd group class with Fran and Roger together.  Through their method of training with the use of positive reinforcement, I feel that I have built a trusting relationship with my dog and one where our work together is fun for both of us.  I have learned methods of molding his behavior and he responds because good things happen for him and not because he fears me or fears punishment.  He wants to learn and because of the methods of training I have gotten from Fran and Roger, I have been able to achieve things with Henry I did not believe were possible.

Although Fran and Roger have different delivery styles, I think they compliment each other very well.  They are able to tune into both the dog and the owner and are very good at addressing not only the dog needs but what the owner needs so that both can progress together.  I strongly believe I have a stronger and healthier relationship with Henry than I had with any other dog I have had before him.  I thank Fran and Roger for that.
Patti Kampsen

Not your old fashioned dog trainer. Imagine  a 65 year old woman adopting a 12 month, 65 pound bundle of unbridled energy, little socialization with humans or other dogs —-murder and mayhem,sheer insanity!!!!  Without Fran and Roger’s help, I would not have been able to keep my wonderful dog, Kiki. Their positive, task focused,and individualized approach has helped me shape a well behaved and happy companion.  Fran and Roger’s consistent.no nonsense behaviour oriented methodology builds a trusting loving rapport established  through  clear expectation, experience and encouragement, Both Fran and Roger clearly understand dog behaviour and work with each owner to suit the training to both the dog and owners needs. My only regret is that all the other dogs I’ve owned didn”t enjoy this unbearable lightness of being.
Nancy Holstram